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"I Did Something Bad""I wrote this song on piano," Swift says."It’s not gonna sound like it, though." She is correct: The song's apparent trap influences (rubbery synth tones, that frighteningly irresistible "Da-da-da-da" vocal loop) seem eons removed from her country-pop roots, and the mild profanity in the lyrics has occasioned some mild shock of its own (come on).Sure, Swift has used the love-as-a-drug metaphor before on "Clean." But who cares? And this track is new musical terrain for the pop star: Check those wobbly synth and the wailing vocal peaks during the final chorus.(Fun fact: "Don't Blame Me" is one of several tracks on this album to contain a lyrical reference .)Related: What it's like to share a name with Taylor Swift5.

I suspect it's because the song is so obviously reminiscent of "Style"—the thumping '80s beat, the vehicular romance, the huge chorus."End Game"This track will be huge because it is too goddamn big to fail.It has the formidable ingredients: a club-ready refrain ("Big reputation, big reputation / Ooh, you and me, we got : celebrity, drama, celebrity drama and the volatile nature of one's own media image.Yet for all its flaws (there are some irredeemably Kim-and-Kanye drama. It grapples with Swift's reputational debris and obsesses over the media's obsession with Taylor Swift.It represents the pop star's inevitable embrace of hip-hop, trap and electronica production styles. It even contains a (gasp) swear word sung by the family-friendly entertainer.

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